ENGENHOTEC has been created in 2004, for offering Product Development Engineering Services to Industrial Customers.

In 2011 with the aim of expanding the services provided to its Customers, ENGENHOTEC invested in a high precision workshop, initially with one 3 Axis CNC machining centre. With this equipment, ENGENHOTEC started to offer rapid prototyping and tooling solutions.

In 2013 a second 3 Axis CNC machine was acquired.

In 2015 and 2016, for satisfying the growth and complexity of the procured solutions from the customers, two new CNC machines, one 4 Axis and the other 5 Axis, were added to the workshop.

ENGENHOTEC developed a Quality Insurance System, that achieved the ISO 9001-2015 certification in November 2016 and was stamped by SGS.

In 2017 the Metal Additive Manufacturing was added to the portfolio of services through a partnership with a first class 3D laser printing company.